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DCO 89477

Premier - Piezas de cambio y remanufacturadas de alta calidad creadas por  proveedores de equipos originales que ofrecen confiabilidad y  una durabilidad mayor
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VMRS: 042-003-076 - TENSOR - CORREA

  • As the major supplier to heavy duty original equipment manufacturers, this Dayco® No Slack® Heavy Duty Tensioner is guaranteed to be engineered and manufactured to the strictest design specifications.
  • The heavy-duty cast aluminum body and pulley arms translate into extra strength and durability.
  • This Dayco® Heavy Duty® Tensioner features a patented “flat spring” design that’s engineered to handle the higher torque and power pulses exerted by today’s diesel engines.
  • Rugged pulleys with double lifetime lubricated bearings deliver long lasting, dependable service. In addition, this Dayco® Heavy Duty Tensioner features an “extremely damped” design using a wave spring and a metal ring with a bonded rubber surface to act as a “radial shock absorber” for the tensioner arm.
  • This tensioner is another Dayco® product proudly made in the USA.

Ancho de polea:
39.40 mm
Diámetro de la polea:
86.50 mm
Diámetro exterior de la polea:
86.50 mm
Ancho de la polea 1:
39.4 mm
Tipo de correa:
Polea ranurada:
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Dirección de rotación:
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Cantidad de poleas: